Sarah graduated with a business degree in the late 80s and worked for large US and UK corporates in FMCG marketing, for major brands including Clover, Quorn and Mum deodorant. Sarah has worked on an interim basis in marketing departments and co-founded a £multi-million start-up business in interim management, in the marketing and HR functions.

The ethos of that business, like Resource Harbour, was all about bringing exceptional but elusive talent into the marketplace. For the last few years, Sarah has blended the demands of her career coaching business with her voluntary careers work in schools and family commitments. 

Sarah has a flair for connecting people, with the ability to accurately identify clients' resourcing needs and matching them to candidates' skills. She says: "My positivity and passion for what I do inspires people to believe in themselves, have more confidence and apply for the role they otherwise wouldn't have done. I help organisations to take a fresh look at how they manage and leverage their talent." 
Sarah is 53, an avid mountain biker, mum to Katie (age 10)  and George (aged 12).

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