Job Share: Kick start 2019 with the healthy choice

Job Share: Kick start 2019 with the healthy choice

 18 Jan 2019

Here’s Resource Harbour’s very own Sarah Taylor, with her Job Share story.

I remember a job share in the marketing department in Dairy Crest in the late 80s and it worked magnificently. I cannot understand why job sharing is not more usual.

In the mid 1990s people thought that senior roles could not be hired on temporary or interim basis – we changed that.

Since then progressive companies have been developing innovative and fluid management structures to deal with the ever-changing business environment. The flexible working movement is really gathering pace. 

Unfortunately job share is often overlooked. It is seen as more complex because you need to analyse job roles, reengineer how they can be split and reimagine how available talent could actually collaborate to get the work done. You need to hire two heads instead of one and the financials in the first instance may look less attractive. If you have two people working three days a week, this will equate to a 1.2 FTE.

But start to look at the big picture and you start to see a really intelligent and commercial resourcing solution.

You are likely to have two very engaged employees, increased output, increased productivity, holiday cover, increased motivation, collaboration and joint thinking on a role, increased retention and let us not forget access to HIDDEN TALENT which is not available on a full-time basis due to other commitments. You also only have half a problem if someone resigns that gives a breathing space to source a new incumbent.

Workplace mental health issues costs the UK economy almost £35bn a year with 15.4 m working days lost to work-related stress, depression or anxiety. With digital technology the 24/7 workplace is a reality and the day doesn’t seem to end. When I started work in the late 80s, you would work from 8.30 to around 6 or later if you needed to, but when you arrived home, work was finished for the day, you were completely unplugged. Nowadays, we are plugged-in constantly and many employees are literally wired. Job share can really address life / work blend issues. 

I cofounded a start-up in the mid 1990s, and I had a business partner Alyson Gilbert-Smith. We worked as one, we could not have had such a successful business if we were working alone. We couldn’t have done it without each other and indeed, we have never been able to replicate such success since. We had complimentary skills, we had each other’s back, we trusted each other absolutely. We also took 3 months holiday a year and could do each others job – indeed the Senior Leadership Team could all do each others jobs, so we were all replaceable and the business worked like clockwork whether we were there or not. 

According to the Health and Safety Executive (the government agency for workplace wellbeing) work-related stress, anxiety or depression now accounts for more than half of all working days lost due to ill health in Britain with some 15.4m days lost in the last year – a record high.

Jobsharing can be the ideal solution for individual at certain life stages, enabling them to keep their career on track. They can take on challenging roles, which are rarely available part-time. They can arrange your hours to suit their own circumstances. They can fully focus on whatever they do during their time off, confident that emails are still being answered and the work is getting done. They can bounce ideas off their partner and utilise each other's strengths. When they are walking the dog on days off, they might come up with their most creative work thoughts. If one finds the right person it can even turn into a successful long-term partnership and you can plan your future career together and #workhappilyeverafter

Job sharing is not 2 people working part-time jobs in parallel – that’s part-time work. Job sharing is 2 people, through shared responsibilities, identities and accountability occupying 1 position. They are a single unit, a team and a complete resourcing solution. Job sharing gives individuals the flexibility they crave and employers the complete resourcing solutions they require. Of course, if the perfect resourcing solution is one person in one role then we can work like that too. Resource Harbour are aiming to get people who might not ordinarily be considered by companies back / into the workplace and we aim to give companies a way of hiring #exclusiveyetelusivetalent and #hardtocomebytalent.

At Resource Harbour we can find candidates a work partner, and support companies to setup and fill job share roles. Contact us to find out more at or  

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