We Find Exceptional Hidden Talent in South Wales and the South West

We Find Exceptional Hidden Talent in South Wales and the South West

 21 Mar 2019

At Resource Harbour we’re always on the look out for exceptional talent and our flexible working event last week uncovered some real gems!

Our flexible working event at the Lime Tree in Chepstow, held in collaboration with the Children's Hub and Information for Parents (CHIP) enabled us to share some of our expert knowledge on the range of flexible working options that many employers now offer. We were overwhelmed by the number of professionals who turned up to the event and the feedback we received was really positive.

We are continually blown away (but not surprised) to find that Chepstow and the surrounding area is teeming with professionals from different backgrounds, with a diverse range of transferable skills that we know employers really want. One highly skilled attendee mentioned that having recently been made redundant they are finding it difficult to find part time work that fits around their family commitments - a perfect candidate for Resource Harbour. These are exactly the kind of extraordinary professionals we are talking about, when we refer to there being exclusive - yet elusive - talent out there, which we help our clients to reach.

We explored a range of different flexible working options and how they can work well in different industry sectors and roles. Once again, job share partnerships came up as an attractive option for many of our participants who are looking to make their next career move, not just because of the flexibility it can offer, but also for the opportunity it can provide to work in collaboration with a talented colleague.

We're confident that many traditionally full time job roles can be effectively restructured to work as a job share, and we aim to stand out as a specialist in pairing up professionals for roles as a job share team. In certain roles (such as change management, or project management roles) the job share pairing of a technical expert with someone who has a flair for relationship management/business strategy can work extremely well, offering to the employer a broader skill set across the role than they might find by employing just one person full time.

We are working with employers across the region to reengineer roles to attract the very best talent, reimagining their jobs to appeal more to talented professionals just like those we met last week.

Thanks so much to everyone who came along. Please spread the word within your network of friends, colleagues and family, that we are building our talent pool and we would love to hear from them if they have skills and experience in one of the job functions we specifically cover:

  • Marketing including social media
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Business administration
  • Supply chain management
  • Change management
  • HR
  • Engineering and technology
  • Project management
  • Digital transformation
  • Business management
  • Research

We will be holding these events on a regular basis and our next event will be in early May.  Please get in touch at cvs@resourceharbour.co.uk if you would like to hear about our future events or register on our website www.resourceharbour.co.uk if you are currently looking for a role.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

Sarah, Katie, Zina and Angela


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